5 best destinations in England for senior travellers

by | May 13, 2014

From the city of London to the Jurassic Coast, there is much to take in. We give you a quick lowdown.

BY: Yvonne Wells

When you are a senior, traveling has many perks including having lots of time available, no need to hurry and potential to focus on things other travellers tend to miss out in search for their exciting holiday adventures. With its rich historical heritage and stunning nature, England makes for a perfect place to start one’s quiet, yet truly captivating trip.

Here’s a selection of some of the most fascinating spots to be cherished by senior travellers on the English soil:


London's Westminster Abbey.

1) The city of London

As busy and vibrant as it might seem, London offers many opportunities for a relaxed trip. There’s no room for doubt that strolling through London’s most scenic park pathways, or getting immersed in its historical richness is bound to make any holiday a success. For the former, we highly recommend heading to Regent’s Park or Hyde Park.

Those who thirst some real history will find solace in the mighty Tower of London, the charming Westminster Abbey or the vast British Museum that boasts some world-famous collections. To avoid the crowds of tourists, it’s best to consider visiting London in the early spring or autumn – the trip will be well worth the trouble!


2) Dover & beyond

The beauty of the classic white cliffs of Dover will spark anyone’s imagination. The nearby city of Dover is a treat for all fascinated by the history of England – here you’ll find the magnificent Dover Castle and the Deal Castle of a peculiar shape. The city itself offers multiple opportunities for relaxation – take in the atmosphere of St Augustine’s Abbey or Maison Dieu and enjoy your day at the southern coastline of England.


The Lake District National Park.

3) Windermere

The famous and distinctively beautiful natural setting of the Lake District is bound to render one speechless. The Lake District National Park is definitely a must-see and the best place to start your exploration is the town of Windermere, located nearby the picturesque lake of the same name. Here you can either take a cruise to fully admire its glistening waters, or take a steam train ride along the lake. Both are a great opportunity for snapping some stunning pictures!

Walk around the scenic landscape that has in the past inspired many writers and poets with its sheer beauty and serenity. Among places to visit, there are the Hill Top Farm, the home of Beatrix Potter, as well as the Dove Cottage – home of the poet William Wordsworth.


The ancient spa town of Bath.

4) The ancient town of Bath

Deep in Somerset you’ll find a true historical gem – the ancient spa town of Bath. It is famous for its Roman Baths that offer a glimpse into the mastery and genius of the Romans in designing the baths and saunas with intricate system of drainage. A visit to the Roman Baths museum will compliment your stay by showing you some of the most precious artefacts that have been excavated in the area. Established in the 1st century AD, Bath of today is a vibrant and picturesque city that caters to every potential wish of a senior traveller. The stunning architecture of the round-shaped Circus is definitely something not to miss. Have the famous Sally Lunn bun with tea and breathe in the serene atmosphere of the favourite town of Queen Victoria.


5) The Jurassic Coast

The famous coastline of Dorset.

With its panoramic views on the sea and picturesque geological formations, the famous coastline of Dorset is truly an eye-candy. This natural World Heritage Site offers many opportunities for a quiet holiday filled with long walks along the coast, fossil-hunting on its rocky beaches and, lastly, admiring the sea sights of moving beauty.



Yvonne Wells is a co-author of the non-commercial website, SevenSpots.co.uk, and an enthusiast of all things historical. Among her interests figure most strongly travelling and English history and culture. Working as an editor in a variety of online portals, she channels her passion for travel, sharing her knowledge of the best historical itineraries.


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