50 is the new 45!

by | September 11, 2014

New survey by GSK shows that ageing is seen as a positive phase and a chance to fulfil passions.


An Ageless Theatre skit during the launch of the survey results. Ageless Theatre is an interest group for seniors.

Seventy percent of Singaporeans over the age of 50 feel five years younger than their actual age, and three in five feel good about ageing and growing older, revealed a new study commissioned by healthcare company GSK. Called the Inner Age Index, the study explores the concept of “inner age” – how old someone perceives himself or herself to be as compared to how old he or she actually is – and how ageing is perceived through a Singaporean lens.

Gijs Sanders, general manager of GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business in Singapore, said during the launch of the survey results: “Ageing is seen as a positive phase in people’s lives because they can fulfil their passions.”

The survey, which included 150 Singaporean citizens, found that ageing is more about attitude than the physical passing of time. The results reveal that nine in 10 Singaporeans aged over 50 believe that a positive attitude is the key to feeling younger, with laughter being the best anti-ageing medicine (studies have shown it lowers stress hormones, decreases the risk of heart disease, proves the immune system and boosts the production of antibodies and cells that play a role in killing abnormal cells). Also, 82 percent say the best days of their lives are ahead of them.

In addition, many report feeling good about their appearance with 81 percent stating that they like to look their best and 74 percent feeling proud to reveal their real age. Other interesting survey data:

• Seventy-one percent of older Singaporeans like to stay socially-active and 68 percent believe that being over 50 means they have finally found the time to realise passions, such as socialising with friends, travelling, playing sports and exercising.

Happy Table Tennis

A member of the Happy Table Tennis interest group. There was coaching sessions during the launch.

• When asked if they could turn back the clock, nearly two in five survey participants said they wouldn’t change a thing.

• More than half (57 percent) of respondents stated they are proactive when it comes to taking care of their own health. And, two in three Singaporeans over 50 say they are in excellent or good health, with a good mental, physical and emotional state.

• One-third of Singaporeans over 50 would prefer not to be called “Sir/Madam” or “Senior” as it makes them feel older. However, they don’t mind being referred to as pioneers.

• The majority of Singaporeans over 50 like to keep busy and active (83 percent), with 71 percent claim they had recently socialised with friends, one in two say they had travelled in the past six months, and 52 percent have participated in a sport.

• Men (21 percent) were significantly more likely than women (eight percent) to say they are very active.

• Singaporeans over 50 rated a holiday resort in Thailand or a cruise to Hong Kong as their top vacation spots.

• Eighty-seven percent of grandparents believe that spending time with their grandchildren is key to staying young.

GSK event

Killiney Family & Wellness Clinic's Dr Clarence Yeo and GSK's Gijs Sanders.

Also, during the launch, Dr Clarence Yeo, general practitioner, Killiney Family & Wellness Clinic, shared the survey data that 72 percent of respondents said they are more fulfilled. “Now is the time to do things like taking up something new or to travel. They have invested in their family and feel it is their time to do their unfulfilled passions.”

He added: “Growing older is not just about waiting for time to come. It is about realising your passions. You can lead a fulfilled life at any age. … It is not your age but about how you feel inside!”


** To find out your inner age using The Inner Age Test – an adapted consumer version of the Inner Age Index, go to: www.actyourinnerage.com.sg.



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