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by | September 18, 2016

Don’t underestimate this lightweight bar as it has many benefits including increasing one’s metabolism and heart rate, as well as alleviating back pain.

Seniors having fun with the Flexi-Bar.

Seniors having fun with the Flexi-Bar.

The Flexi-Bar, which is designed and manufactured in Germany, can strengthen the core muscles of the body through vibrations created by swinging the bar. Achieving a certain number of oscillations per minute will give the user a strength-endurance workout that will also increase one’s metabolism and heart rate. As it targets the deep-lying muscles of the back, the Flexi-Bar can be used by physical therapists to address back pain and other back problems.

Other benefits – it improves the transverse abdominal muscle responsible for a shapely waist, it targets the pelvic floor muscles improving posture and counteracts incontinence, and it evens out muscular imbalances alleviating many forms of arthritis and back pain.

The Standard bar.

The Standard bar.

There are four Flexi-Bars available including the Standard, which is ideal for fitness and physical rehabilitation, and is suitable for seniors. There is also the Intensive, which is ideal for individuals who are overweight or of strong stature; the Athletic, for those doing strength training; and the kid’s Flexi-Bar, which offers lower intensity and is suitable for seniors who may have difficulty swinging the Standard bar.


Each bar costs S$150 (the kid’s bar is S$120) and comes with a training poster and DVD. To order, go to http://flexi-bar.com/sg/en/home or e-mail Christina Tan at Flexi Sports at C.Tan@flexi-sports.com.




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