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by | October 17, 2016

Work-life transition workshops to guide those over 50s to achieve happiness and stay relevant at work.


Past participants of the LifeWork workshops.

Past participants of the LifeWork workshops.

Non-profit Centre For Seniors (CFS) has come up with its LifeWork series of workshops to help mature workers and seniors plan and manage their work-life transition, and address the critical concerns of career, retirement, health and family before they reach the stage of successful and active ageing.

The programme comprises of a series of workshops to help them identify what is important at different stages of their life, set smart goals and create action plans. As a follow-up from the workshops, participants will also have an opportunity to sign up for life coaching sessions. Over 400 participants from NTUC Unions, National University Health System (NUHS) and National Healthcare Group (NHG) have gone through the workshops in the pilot runs that were held from February till September this year. The programme has now become available to the public.

Shared CFS’ executive director Lim Sia Hoe: “The workshops are open to everyone since all of us have to deal with a world that is changing – that comes with all kinds of unexpected challenges and is becoming more frequently, more turbulently and less predictable!” She added that they hope to hold the different workshops monthly with a class size of up to 15.

The first workshops to be held include “Rethink 50: Living the good life”, a two-day work-life transition programme which guides participants on a journey of self-discovery so they can make informed decisions at the different stages of life, in order to achieve happiness through purpose and meaning, stay relevant at the workplace, and engage with family and community. The second workshop will be “Rethink 50: Preparing for change”, which will focus on staying relevant to remain employable and engaging in meaningful work. Participants will learn of career options, resources and their own behavioural style over the one day.

The workshops

Centre For Seniors is holding its first workshops on “Rethink 50: Living the good life” and “rethink 50: Preparing for change”.

There are also other workshops in the LifeWork series, which will be offered at a later stage, on envisioning an abundant living which brings about self-awareness and understanding of others’ behaviours; making retirement as a career which includes developing a retirement plan and a closer look at government schemes; and health is wealth – understanding your body and warning signs, and building a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Sia Hoe added: “When a number [our age] becomes our identity, we have given away our power to choose our future. The point isn’t 50 is the new 40, but that 50 is the new 50 and there is a new way to be 50!”

Currently, the Living the good life workshop will be held on October 24 and 25 and costs S$120 while Preparing for change is on October 24 and costs S$80. Both workshops are eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) funding for NTUC members. As a member, you can enjoy funding at 50 percent of the unfunded course fee capped at S$250 every year. You can also use your SkillsFuture credit to defray the cost. To find out when the other workshops will be held, go to CFS’ website at www.cfs.org.sg.





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