An upper hand on pain

by | February 27, 2013

Pamper your overworked and tired hands, and clear the toxins in your body.

BY: Kay Nalla


Hand reflexology is a therapeutic massage technique that dates back to 2,000 BC. It originated from Egypt and was passed down to China and other parts of the continent. Drawings were found in caves in Egypt showing some form of hand massage being performed, which later was discovered as hand reflexology. In those days, the “doctors” administered hand reflexology to relieve pain as well as break down tension and inflammation.


Its benefits

Hand reflexology is believed to be linked to the organs, muscles, tissues and glands. Practitioners of reflexology claim the pain is actually blocked energy called ‘chi’ found along the 23 meridians or ‘energy pathways’ in our hands (or feet). By pressing certain ‘reflexes’ or points, we can stimulate the nerves to our muscles and organs, improving blood circulation and treating a wide range of ailments such as headache, indigestion, backache, sinuses and colds.

Reflexology also eliminates toxins from the body which is caused by stress at work, loud sounds like alarms, persistent phone calls, traffic jams, change of weather and a hectic schedule. Many a times, we do not get rid of these toxins by exercising or doing physical work as we are at our desks or rushing to our cars to get home.

So when the toxins “build up” in our bodies, we experience many ailments like aches and pains, headaches and migraines. This could lead to an increased plague accumulation in the arteries of the heart, which could cause a heart attack.  

Another benefit of reflexology is that it makes us perspire. By doing this, it triggers bowel movement, giving us an urge to urinate and eliminate the toxins in our body.


The less popular reflexology

Although hand reflexology is not as popular as foot reflexology, the trend is slowly changing. People realise that hands are more accessible than the feet. Ticklishness, smelly feet, perceived ugly feet, and a stranger touching one’s feet are all barriers to foot reflexology.

Furthermore, with hand reflexology, you can work on your own hands at any point of time without waiting for someone to do it for you as compared to foot reflexology. You are your own therapist anytime – be it at work, on a bus, at a party, at home or even by the swimming pool. You can relieve pain and discomfort, improve the functioning of the immune and digestive system, relieve stress, and improve the circulation of the blood and lymph system.


SIDEBOX: Easy to learn

Hand reflexology is easy to pick and learn. In the hand reflexology lesson conducted at Kay Image & Wellness Consultancy, the participants are taught how to treat, for example, head conditions which is a five-step technique that targets migraine, headache, eyestrain, conjunctivitis and toothache. We have many different conditions that are connected and therefore can be treated at the same time, for example, the ear, nose and throat conditions; neck and shoulder conditions; respiratory conditions and so forth.

It is usually a two-hour session per class and is a hands-on session. The therapist assesses participants and assists them in pressing the correct reflex points.


Kay Nalla is the director and principal trainer of Kay Image & Wellness Consultancy where she holds workshops/classes on beauty, and health and wellness.






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