Anti-slip protection

by | January 31, 2012

Avoid home injuries by using these colourful stickers.

3M has launched the new Safety Walk Anti-Slip Floor Stickers (left and below, right) which feature four colour creations depicting animals and clover-leaf designs that fit a variety of age groups and preferences, as well as a clear design which blends into the existing home décor. This anti-slip solution was created with safety in mind and is targeted at a number of groups including the elderly. They can be placed in accident-prone areas like the bathroom or the kitchen.

According to an article released in 2009 in the “Singapore Medical Journal”, a study conducted over a six-month period on elderly injuries seen in a Singapore emergency department revealed that home injuries were the most common reason for consultation. A whopping 85.3 percent of these injuries were due to falls. And many of these injuries can be prevented.

The Safety Walk Anti-Slip Floor Stickers have a comfortable, small grit texture on its surface. Once adhered, its durable adhesive sticker does not allow it to be peeled off easily, enhancing safely and making the sticker resilient for extended periods of use.


The 3M Safety Walk Anti-Slip Floor Stickers come in a wide variety of designs featuring clover leafs, land and sea animals. They are available at S$13.80 for a 4-piece pack. Each piece comes in a size of 13cm x 13cm. Find it at leading hypermarkets and DIY stores.





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