Athlete’s Foot

by | October 2, 2010

Lamisil Once distributed by Zuellig Pharma is a single application treatment for Athlete’s Foot that is said to clear the infection in more than 90 percent of patients and will see relief within 30 minutes. It puts a stop to symptoms like itching, scaling, redness and flaking.

Athlete’s Foot is a communicable disease caused by a parasitic fungus. It lives in moist environments such as shower floors, wet towels and footwear. Sharing footwear and towels with an infected person can cause Athlete’s Foot to easily spread from one person to the next. Now with Lamisil Once, the infection can be eradicated. It is safe and easy to use with a transparent, water-resistant film that dries shortly after application. It is also non-greasy or messy.

Lamisil Once retails at $24.90 and is available at all Guardian and Unity outlets islandwide.



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