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by | August 25, 2016

Maintain a correct posture and protect your back from further strain.


For Her BackDid you know that one in every three women will experience back pains once in her life? According to research by the Norwegian National Institute of Occupational Health, women are twice as likely as men to develop lower back pains. Due to genetics and physical build, women also tend to recover from the pains slower as compared to men.

In a study done by 3M, the most common cause of back pain is bad posture, where excess pressure is placed on the lower half of the spine. Sitting down puts almost twice the amount of pressure on the bottom half of the spine as compared to standing. Moreover, sitting wrongly – slouching while sitting – increases the pressure even more. Hunching forward pushes the back into a convex shape (C-shaped), causing further fatigue and overstretching of the ligaments that induce pain.

Also, not all heels are made for comfort. Heels that are approximately two inches and higher causes the foot to slide forward, leading to increased weight placed on the front of the foot. When the body’s weight is not well-supported, the uneven distribution of weight creates a strain on the back, creating unnecessary pressure on the spine.

Taking care of children and doing domestic chores are other main causes of back pains. A prolonged posture kept in the same position day after day whilst sweeping the floor, doing laundry or cleaning up after the children puts a strain on the back in the same area.

To assist with training to maintain a correct posture and protecting the back from further strain whilst relieving the pain, the Futuro Slim Silhouette Back Support by 3M offers core compression and lower back support during such activities. It has adjustable secondary straps that allow for increased adjustability and help to secure a precise fit around the waist.

The back support features the first-of-its-kind slim silhouette technology for a lightweight and low-profile design, making the back support almost unnoticeable under clothes. It also has breathable materials that enable the body to stay comfortable throughout the day.


The Futuro Slim Silhouette Back Support is recommended for a daily lifestyle, and can be worn all day or during activities that lead to back pains to provide relief and comfort. It is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores for S$83.90.





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