Believer Gold Program

by | September 2, 2011

Believer Music offers its Believer Gold Program for those aged 60 and above where participants can choose the guitar or keyboard programme. The guitar programme is a seven-week module, one-hour per class each week, while the keyboard programme is an 11-week module, also one-hour per class each week. Each of the programmes can be targeted to a beginner, all the way to an advanced level. The programme was started in June and has about 50 to 80 seniors currently enrolled into its two programmes.

The programmes are done in a relaxing pace and taught by instructors from different churches in Singapore. Participants not only enjoy a new hobby, they also pick up Christian teachings that focus on praise and worship. By enrolling into the programme, it helps them with coordination of both hands while learning chords, and it introduces them to an environment of like-minded people. The hope is that after they have gone through the programme, they can bond with their families through music, especially their grandchildren.


The studio size is four to eight people. Both programme fees are subsidised.The guitar programme starts from $149, while the keyboard programme starts from $279 after discount, depending on the level. Enjoy a $60 sign-up discount if you register before the registration deadline. Term 2 is commencing March/April 2011 (March 7 – Guitar, April 4 – Keyboard). For more information, go to or call 6323 0304.



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