Bringing in the sunshine

by | April 7, 2020

A new Facebook platform for seniors to gather online.

Ricky Law.

With seniors being affected as activities have ceased because of COVID-19 and they might be isolated, 62-year-old Rickyfm Law, founder of a Nation For Future Seniors, has come up with a platform for seniors on Facebook where they can create positive energy, be productive and bring values to communities and the nation.

Ricky, a Hong Konger who moved to Singapore 10 years ago, explained further on the new platform, “We control what we can control. We manage what we can’t. We can blame the world for this ‘circuit breaker’, accusing and complaining all day at home, and taking out our temper on people around us. Or, we can be understanding, innovative, trying out new things and exploring new options.

“What can we control? We created this Sunshine Seniors Facebook Group so we can use this group as a platform for seniors to contribute wisdom, create teams and churn out ideas and programmes to turn the unexpected time resources into productivity and create values for the nation. We can also control our mindsets. We are seniors. We are better and more powerful than Google. We have the knowledge, the experience and the networks which people cannot find through Google search.”

He further added, “This group is a space for sunshine. Not a place for complaints and grievances.”

To join the group, go to:




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