Caffeine to jolt hair roots

by | September 8, 2015

After menopause, women’s hair becomes thinner and falls out prematurely but with this three-product range, hair loss can be kept at bay.


Plantur 39 shampoo.

When women reach the age of menopause, their hormone levels become unbalanced and this interferes with hair growth. Thanks to a large share of female hormones (estrogens) before menopause, a woman’s hair roots are protected against male hormones (testosterone). However, after menopause, this estrogen decreases and the influence of male hormones increases. This results in a woman’s hair becoming thinner, falling out prematurely, and the scalp becoming visible with the hairline receding.

To stop this from becoming a reality, Dr Wolff Research has found that caffeine is effective in countering growth suppression and has developed its own phyto-caffeine. The active ingredient complex protects the hair roots from “premature exhaustion and thereby counters the problem of hair loss by providing hair roots with sufficient energy to grow”.

Plantur 39 conditioner.

Though the role of genetics in hair loss in men is well-known, the impact it has on female hair loss is less recognised. Women with hair loss often blame themselves for over-styling and not taking proper care of their hair. However, according to Dr Wolff Research, it is predetermined from birth whether a woman will suffer from androgenetic hair loss later in life. According to a Finnish gynaecologist, hormonal hair loss accounts for 70 to 80 percent of all hair loss, and becomes more common as one ages because of menopause.

Dr Wolff Research has come up with three products to protect the scalp against the consequences of menopause under the Plantur 39 range:

Phyto-caffeine shampoo  – Containing caffeine, it prevents premature exhaustion of hair production. In just 120 seconds, the active ingredient travels along the hair shaft directly into the hair follicles during washing.

Conditioner – It prevents previously absorbed phyto-caffeine complex from being rinsed out based on a “caffeine buffer”.

Plantur 39 tonic.

Phyto-caffeine tonic – By massaging the tonic into the scalp once a day, the phyto-caffeine complex can quickly penetrate the scalp and the hair follicle where it develops an active ingredient depot that lasts up to 24 hours. It is best used in the morning and left on.



Plantur 39’s shampoo (S$18.90), conditioner (S$12.90) and tonic ($19.90) are available at selected Watsons, Guardian, Unity, NHG pharmacies and independent pharmacies as well as NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets island-wide.





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