SGH helps frail senior patients PREPARE for surgery

This allows these patients to have a faster and better recovery.

Fight against breast cancer

Yakult joins in the fight, doing public education and outreach efforts with their Yakult ladies.

Being alone in your thoughts

When one has solitude and time to reflect and think, a problem can arise.

Learning lessons from COVID-19

The pandemic anxieties have prompted healthier, fitter lifestyles in Asia, according to a Manulife survey.

A bad itch

Because of this pandemic, we have been washing hands and using hand sanitisers more frequently than before. However, this usage can turn into skin conditions for some.

Second opinion advice from experts to cancer patients

The service enables patients from the region to make informed decisions about cancer care, with the aim of expanding their treatment options and improving clinical outcomes. 

An online chat service

To support survivors of abuse and violence, AWARE has an online chat and call-back service.

Heart health campaign

Manulife Singapore puts the spotlight on heart disease through a video.

Yoga & meditation app

Connect to teachers in Singapore and around the world and get personalised, live, one-to-one video classes customised to your needs.

Hoarding – a pile of problems

Find out about the symptoms and behaviour, and how to avoid getting to that stage.

Managing your chronic medical conditions during this pandemic

Some tips to help you cope during this time.

Protect yourself from dengue

Dengue infections are on the rise so find out what you can do.

7 reasons to wear sunscreen 

Sunscreen protects you from more than just sunburn.

Dementia Language Guidelines booklet

The guidebook reveals how using the right or wrong words on the dementia community can make a difference. 

Virtual workouts

Singapore Sports Hub offers curated workout sessions in seven-minute intervals to be posted seven days a week.