Chinese herbs to the rescue

by | February 14, 2013

Strengthen one’s immune system with medicinal herbs.


Vita Green has launched three new products containing Chinese medicinal herbs. They include: Vita Green Lingzhi, Vita Yin Yang and G.E. Yunzhi Essence.

Vita Green Lingzhi (left) contains six types of Lingzhi (a fungus) and is suitable for all ages, both male and female. It is said to strengthen the immune system, promote blood circulation, increase vitality and energy, improve complexion, and reduce the signs of ageing. It is especially good for those looking to improve sleep, allergies, digestion and relieve tiredness.


• Vita Yin Yang (right) contains pure cultivated Cordyceps, also known as Chinese Caterpillar Fungus. It is said to support the respiratory system, tonify kidney and lungs and relieve tiredness. It is ideal for those suffering from allergies and officer workers whose health may be neglected as a result of a busy lifestyle.


G.E. Yunzhi Essence (left) contains wild Yunzhi (a fungus) and helps restore the health of seriously-ill patients or those looking to increase their strength and vitality, and prevent serious illness.



Vita Green Lingzhi and G.E. Yunzhi Essence each costs S$129 (with an introductory price of S$109), while the Vita Yin Yang costs S$119 (with an introductory price of $S109). They are available at all Guardian stores islandwide.




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