Clear the air

by | October 2, 2011

Keep your home pollution-free with pollution-buster Airfree, which clears the air of harmful organic allergens and ozone. It is especially ideal for those who suffer from allergies. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution can be up to 100 times greater than outdoor pollution. Common causes of poor indoor air quality can include shoddy air condition duct cleaning and concentration of organic material such as books, carpeting, curtains and sofas. High levels of contaminated indoor air can lead to various medical conditions from asthma and bronchitis to headaches and coughs.

Airfree has a patented technology that is ozone- and ion-free, and has no hazardous emission. It safely destroys mould, virus, bacteria, dust mite allergens, and airborne allergens, thereby improving the air quality indoors. The purifier is completely silent, small and portable, low-energy consumption, and maintenance-free. There are two models including the Airfree P60 (left) and Airfree P125 (right).


The retail price is $459 for the P60 (capacity of 24m² and colour – white) and $589 for the P125 (capacity of 51m² and colour – platinum). They are available at select Home-Fix DIY Stores, Parisilk, Handyhouse, Far East Flora and Goodwood Florist.



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