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by | June 28, 2017

RSVP Singapore joins hands to fundraise with oldest Teochew club in Singapore.


RSVP Singapore and Chui Huay Lim Club join hands to fundraise.

RSVP Singapore, The Organisation of Senior Volunteers is kicking off a fundraising event with the help of one of the oldest Teochew clubs in Singapore, Chui Huay Lim Club. The Club is holding an eight-night opera festival in September with its opening night being used to raise funds for RSVP’s programmes. Called Guang Dong Sheng Bai Hua Chao Ju Yuan, the festival promises an immersive and colourful experience celebrating the Teochew culture.

Said Ng Hoy Keng, first vice-president and organising chair of the opera festival: “We want to be a part of promoting senior volunteerism so that is why we supported RSVP.”

Opera festival promises a colourful experience celebrating the Teochew culture.

RSVP Singapore is calling for sponsors to come forward to pay for over 550 seniors from nursing homes, community clubs and senior activity centres to watch the show, which may be the first time for some of these seniors. The organisation hopes to raise S$200,000 from the opening night.

The sponsor packages range from S$8,000 for 40 seats to S$3,000 for 20 seats in the different seat categories. People of all ages are also encouraged to attend, or to sponsor a senior relative. Prices range from S$48 to S$88 for the different seat categories. There are also corporate packages that start at S$2,000.

For more information, contact RSVP Singapore at 6259 0802 or e-mail Velda Lim at




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