Combat cellulite

by | May 1, 2012

A range of anti-cellulite compression wear clothing promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing fluid and toxins from the body.


Proskins Slim top 3/4-length sleeve shirt and full-length leggings.

As we age, we develop poor blood circulation, fluid retention and poor lymphatic drainage. All these can lead to the problem of cellulitis. Proskins sportswear has launched a range of anti-cellulite compression wear clothing called Proskins Slim, to combat the key factors of ageing to our skin. Zen’Yu Pacific is the exclusive distributor in Asia for all Proskins range of products and launched Proskins Slim at the 50plus Expo.

The Proskins Slim range is made from patented microencapsulated yarn containing caffeine, retinol ceramides, aloe vera, fatty acids and Vitamin E. According to Zen’Yu, these five ingredients along with the high-tech compression fabric improve circulation and blood flow to achieve a more even skin tone. It is recommended to wear the garments eight hours a day, for 28 days to gain the maximum impact.

Proskins Slim capri-length leggings.

The garments can be worn during intensive exercise or as day apparel wear and the micro-encapsules are guaranteed to remain in the garment for at least 100 washes.



Proskins Slim (for women) is available at Novena Sq @ Velocity #03-42 and comes in ¾-length sleeve shirt (S$150), full-length leggings (S$150), capri-length leggings (S$140), knee-length shorts (S$125) and short-length shorts (S$105).





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