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by | November 8, 2017

Singapore Heart Foundation launches CPR Refresh to promote skills retention through virtual reality learning and feedback.


The Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) has launched a new initiative called the CPR Refresh or CPR2 for those who are already certified in CPR and AED. CPRis a new complimentary 15-minute non-certification refresher experience that aims to promote CPR skills retention through virtual reality (VR) learning and a feedback device known as QCPR. SHF is the first organisation in Singapore to adopt the usage of this device. VR will offer an engaging and immersive experience that could simulate a cardiac emergency, thus presenting real opportunities for in-depth learning.

To complement the VR learning, the QCPR feedback device will provide immediate ‘live’ readings and measurements for the participants to achieve quality CPR, thereby improving their competency and confidence. There are many factors that contribute to cardiac arrest survival, and receiving high-quality CPR is an important factor.

Every year, more than 2,000 people in Singapore suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and the survival rate is only around 13.8 percent (shockable witnessed cardiac arrest patients). Furthermore, every minute of delay in resuscitation will lower the victim’s chance of survival by seven percent to 10 percent.

Interested participants may e-mail cpraed@heart.org.sg for a trial session, starting 2018. Sessions will be available twice a month (alternate Thursday mornings).


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Singapore Heart Foundation)




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