Definitely not Romeo & Juliet

by | February 14, 2019

Seniors from Ageless Theatre are readying for their eighth production which takes on a different spin from the Shakespearian tragedy.

Seniors from Ageless Theatre are hitting the stage for their eighth production called “It’s Not Romeo & Juliet”. Ageless Theatre is a non-profit interest group that was started back in 2011 and is managed and run almost entirely by seniors, with the oldest member being 82 years young.

Their latest production emphasises not being the same old Romeo and Juliet but focuses on two characters called Lomeo and Juliat – elderly parents from two feuding families, Tay and Chew. Besides this difference, the situation that turns the families upside down is also different – a condo en bloc sale that is big money for the Chews but the Tays are not standing for it. Nonetheless, there is love in the air for the two older and wiser couple.

However, Ageless Theatre shared it is not “guaranteeing a happy ending!” Even with that in mind, it is worth catching the production which happens from March 15 to 17 at the Marine Parade Community Club Theatrette. On March 15, there is a 8pm slot; March 16, 3pm and 8pm slots; and March 17, 3pm.

Seniors get to come at a concession rate of S$25. For ticket sales, call Alice Cheah at 9025 1435 or Lesley Ong at 9048 4398. For further enquiries, e-mail to:




  1. allison shears

    Disappointed I am not going to be in Singapore to attend- this sounds fantastic. Is it going to be recorded? All the best Ageless Theatre

    • agelessadmin

      Sorry that you will miss it, I will check whether with Ageless Theatre whether it will be recorded.


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