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by | September 11, 2016

Looking for an easier, more convenient way to buy diapers and to buy in bulk? There are a number of local online companies that help you do just that.

BY: Eleanor Yap

Looking at finding an easier and convenient alternative to buying diapers for your loved ones or yourself? Not to fret, there are a number of local companies that you can order online and they will deliver, sometimes at no extra charge.

Diapers Direct is one of those companies. It started selling diapers online this year but does not just cater to seniors, and its product line goes beyond diapers. “We just wanted to make things easier for caregivers in Singapore when it comes to buying incontinence products such as adult diapers,” explained Jonathan Leow, sales manager.

“Due to the weight and bulkiness, it is not easy to purchase a lot from the supermarket and you may also need to buy other groceries at the same time. Thus visiting the supermarket frequently just to purchase them can really be a hassle.” Diapers Direct sends the order in two to three business days.

Sensi adult diapers

Sensi brand of adult diapers from Diapers Direct.

He added that to save time, caregivers and seniors can purchase from its website and Diapers Direct will deliver directly to their doorstep, keeping it easy so its customers can choose the option of buying in bulk. Currently, his company distributes the Sensi brand made from Indonesia, and is ISO-certified.

The adult diapers are being sold in Singapore, US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. “We have a growing base of customers since we started and they simply adore our disposable underpads too as they are very useful,” shared Leow about the product that protects bed mattresses from leakage. The company offers “subscriptions” for orders that need to be delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Diapers Direct currently offers 15-percent off on all orders.


Own range

Another company, which sells online, is BW (Bottom Wrappers) Generation. Called “a company founded by caregivers for caregivers”, it sells its own Singapore brand of adult diapers (including night diapers) as well as other eldercare products such as pull-up pants, booster pads, insert pads and underpads.

BW's ultra absorbent adult diapers for overnight use.

BW’s ultra absorbent adult diapers for overnight use.

Said Alex Tan, managing director of BW Generation, “We are caregivers and found that the quality and price of diapers could be significantly improved so we developed our own range of diapers and outsourced the manufacturing to top-quality manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan. People may think that these countries are expensive places to manufacture but they have large populations of elderly and therefore large economies of scale, but most important their quality is top grade.” The company, which started in 2012, is established not only in Singapore but also in Australia and Thailand.

Tan added that it often found that the supermarkets and healthcare outlets usually run out of stocks and “we wanted to make sure caregivers who already struggle with caregiving have the convenience of home-delivered essential caregiving products”. BW Generation delivers in two days from when the order is placed.

The company also carries other related products including Abbott Ensure Nutrition, wet wipes, gloves, masks and 3M barrier cream. BW Generation offers its customers the option of standing orders and it will automatically deliver the specified items, and all deliveries are free.

BW Generation’s products can also be purchased at bricks-and-mortar retailers like Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Jurong Medical Centre and Rehab Mart (which also allows for online purchases of adult diapers of various other brands like Certainty and TENA).


Smaller scale

The Golden Concepts, which started in 2011 and sells elderly equipment, is also selling a smaller range of adult diapers online, as well as other incontinence-related products like pull-up pants, daypants and underpads under the Lifeline, Certainty and CleanCare brands. Orders that are above $300 have free delivery and delivery takes one to two days.

Certainty brand of adult diapers which can be ordered from The Golden Concepts.

Certainty brand of adult diapers which can be ordered from The Golden Concepts.

Shared Vanessa Keng, co-founder, “Incontinence is an issue that affects many elderly, ranging from light to heavy incontinence. Often times, it will greatly affect their level of mobility and activity, as it may cause them to feel afraid to go out for longer periods of time.

“As our company focuses on enabling seniors to be more active and mobile, we recognise that incontinence is a key area to address and we provide a range of incontinence products ranging from pull-up type diapers for those with light incontinence, adult diapers for those with heavier incontinence, and also underpads.”

She added that the online market for adult diapers is “gradually growing as more people are turning to e-commerce sites for greater convenience and cost savings”. Explaining this, Keng said: “Online sites will typically have discounted delivery or bundle deal promotions, making it not just cheaper to buy online but also more convenient as the bulky items get delivered to your house.”

Besides these companies, there are also other larger organisations like NTUC FairPrice and NHG Pharmacy, and suppliers like Yeap Medical Supplies, Lifeline Corp and Assisted Living who are selling adult diapers online.


Getting it right

Selecting the right diaper remains key. Shared Tan of BW Generation: “Selecting the correct diaper assures caregivers and patients do not develop complications, for example, like getting wounds and sores. It also will mean caregivers and patients get more rest at night.”

He added that there is a myth that thicker diapers are more absorbent and more comfortable, but that is furthest from the truth. “Thick diapers tend to deploy a lot more pulp and this acts like a sponge. They soak up the urine only to release it when pressure is applied, and the urine then makes contact with the skin, causing skin irritation.”

Hence, Tan advised it is important to make sure that the diapers are of good quality, well-designed and deploy good-quality super absorbent polymers that absorb fluids, “to ensure good absorption capacity and to speed absorbing of the fluids”.

So besides choosing the right diaper and having various choices to choose from, online may be an alternative next time when you are in need of adult diapers.




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