Editorial Team


Eleanor has over 25 years’ editorial experience, having worked for consumer and trade magazines, both in the US and Singapore. She was also a stringer at “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, while still a student at Temple University in the US. Returning to Asia, she is an advocate for seniors and active ageing, having worked for a seniors’ magazine, founding two seniors’ magazines and in 2009, starting her own seniors’ free online magazine called Ageless Online. She also founded a youth initiative called FACEUP in October 2013 run by youths and last year, a senior initiative called Time Traveller run by a senior. She has also launched an initiative called Ageless Kids to get youths to understand seniors and communicate better with them. In 2018, she started a community initiative called Makan with Seniors as a way to bridge the gaps between seniors and youths/others and have conversations over their favourite meals. She is also the editor of another website called ProjectCare, which celebrates the stories of all caregivers.

Besides her work with Ageless Online and ProjectCare, she is also involved in the non-profit/social sector. She was working part-time at the National Council of Social Service helping the President’s Challenge Secretariat team. Prior to that, she was managing a magazine called “Humaneity” that is out of Gold Coast, Australia, was working part-time for a voluntary welfare organisation called O’Joy Care Services, and was the managing editor of “SALT Online”, an e-magazine by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. Besides all her editorial work, she enjoys volunteering and has volunteered with Club Rainbow’s Camp Rainbow as the publication’s head or mentor, as well as with an organisation in Sri Lanka.

Behind Agelessonline, we have an amazing crew of writers and editor who have pitched in to support us past and present:

a) EDNA LAM – Edna has been in the corporate communications industry across Asia and different industry sectors for 20 years, focusing on media relations, internal communications, issues and reputation management. In her spare time, she volunteers for animal welfare and community groups.

b) TAN BOON LENG – Boon Leng works in the healthcare sector and cites writing as one of his interests. Previously, he worked at a seniors’ organisation.

c) JOANNE TOK – An (almost) fresh graduate from NUS Business School, Joanne has a keen interest in volunteering. She hopes to create little footprints of change by writing inspiring stories and initiatives.

d) GEOFFREY KUNG – Geoffrey is a POSB Active Ager Award Winner for financial wellness and believes in sharing the way to achieve ‘financial wellness’. He is also a founder of a cooperative called REVERSE (Re-Employ Valuable Experienced Retirees Serving Elders).

e) SUNIE LEVIN – Sunie is the US author of “Make New Friends … Live Longer”. She founded the Midwest Reading and Dyslexia Clinic in Kansas City, Missouri, US, for children and adults with learning problems. She has appeared on local and national TV, and was a syndicated columnist for many newspapers.

f) DR SAMUEL JOSEPH CHEAH – Dr Cheah works as a senior psychologist dealing with special needs students and family care. He takes it day-by-day and “enjoys life without boundaries”.

g) DEBORAH CHAI (EDITING) – Deborah has lived and worked in New Zealand for more than 12 years, where she read Law. She returned to live in Singapore thereafter and has been a secondary school English Language teacher for more than 12 years.

h) ONG SU MIN – Currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Su Min has a great love for writing. She enjoys listening to stories and hopes to play her part in spreading the message – love life – through her lappy (pen).

i) LYNNE HONG – Lynne is a copywriter by day and a volunteer writer by night. She was also a travel writer for the local newspaper and several magazines. She is always inspired by people who are in love with life.

j) ESTHER LOW – Esther is currently studying Economics at the National University of Singapore. She would rather read (and write on) the latest in health and diet matters than the latest in market and economy issues.

k) GIA PHUA – One of Gia’s life aims is to design products and services for the elderly. A recent graduate from NUS’ New Media course, she is pursuing a career in user experience design.  She feels that Singapore can harness the talents of its own population to design more products for the ageing population, rather than depending on Government support.