Embracing ageing

by | November 17, 2017

New interactive exhibition at Singapore Science Centre promotes a positive dialogue on ageing.

Dialogue Room where senior guides share their experiences.

Dialogue with Time, an exhibition exclusively on the topic of ageing, has arrived in Singapore at the Singapore Science Centre (SSC). The interactive exhibition, which is currently at three other locations around the world – namely Brazil, Germany and Israel, is a guided experience facilitated by retirees where they lead visitors through various zones in the exhibition. The new permanent exhibition seeks to inform visitors of all ages and engender greater understanding, empathy and preparedness for the ageing process.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said at the launch, “Dialogue with Time is an extension of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) efforts under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing. Through the exhibition, we hope that visitors will come to appreciate the opportunities in longevity, and to be encouraged to live healthy and meaningful lives even in old age. Through the interactive dialogues with senior guides, experiential play and exhibits, we hope that visitors will better understand the ageing process, and appreciate that seniors can also remain active and engaged.”

There are three zones in the exhibition:

  • Science of Ageing – Here, visitors will walk through the Tunnel of Questions which showcases some of the key milestones about ageing, including how cell repair becomes less effective with age to how ageing affects the bones, joints, muscles and blood pressure. The Ageing Booth is an interactive photo booth where guests can explore visible signs of ageing and see how they will look in the years to come. The Reaction Time Game, coupled with infographics, helps visitors understand how ageing affects the brain and nervous system.
  • Dialogue with Time (fully guided) – This zone comprises four rooms – the Yellow Room, Pink Room and two Dialogue Rooms. Visitors will get to engage in a dialogue with the senior guides in the Dialogue Rooms. The senior guides leading that group will share his or her personal experience and their journey, lead the happy ageing game, and towards the end of the tour, the senior guide will engage in a discussion with visitors about the future of ageing through an interactive polling game on population statistics and an interactive discussion. In the Yellow Room, visitors will get to experience different aspects of ageing, such as weakened hearing, sight and mobility. Inspiring stories of five active seniors are featured as short videos in the Pink Room. They share their experiences from the later years and topics range from re-employment to finding love online.
  • Science & Technology – This zone showcases assistive technology and tele-health devices designed to empower and improve the lives of seniors. These include the GPS Smart Watch – a monitoring device that can alert the caregiver if the wearer gets disoriented; and the innovative Stair Climbing Wheelchair which enhances mobility. Also featured via exhibition panels are the Government initiatives taken to improve quality of life of the seniors, as well as bulletin boards and infographics highlighting precision medicine and research advancements that can promote longevity.

This interactive exhibition will be a permanent exhibition at SSC.

This is the first fully-guided exhibition by SSC where tours will be facilitated by 32 senior guides between the ages of 65 and 85. Chosen from about 380 applicants, these senior guides will share their wealth of knowledge and experiences as they lead and facilitate discussions to inspire visitors and help change their perceptions of ageing.

Dialogue with Time tours happen every 30 minutes (starting from 10.30am with the last tour ending at 5pm) with up to 30 pax per tour and lasts one hour. Admission to the exhibition is free, but standard admission charges to SSC apply. Admission is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residences during non-peak periods such as weekdays, excluding school and public holidays.


(** PHOTO CREDITS: Singapore Science Centre)




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