Emerging trends in probiotics & collagen

by | October 24, 2019

The two-day Vitafoods Asia 2019 saw latest global nutraceutical developments happening in Asia.


There were a number of trends including probiotics and collagen that emerged during this year’s nutraceutical event, Vitafoods Asia in September. The event showcases the latest ingredients, product developments and technology. Shared Jeff Klien, R&D scientist for Pharmatech, “Probiotics and collagen have been huge. And they are definitely big presences in the US market as well, but it is interesting to see how overwhelmingly present they are in Asia.”

Aoife Marie Murphy, a nutrition scientist for exhibitor Kerry, added, “There’s a lot of different concepts, lots of new ingredients emerging. Protein is still a key trend and there’s a move towards plant-based protein with the sustainability trends that are coming out. But we also see really novel innovation of ingredients with a lot of science behind them that have health benefits for the consumer.”

She said, “For example, there are a lot of different probiotics in terms of the need states, like healthy ageing. Sports nutrition probiotics are becoming really popular at the moment.” Murphy shared that at her company, they have lots of different ingredients — “we are working in the protein space, gluten, fibres and probiotics. We have seen a lot of interest at Vitafoods Asia in these concepts.”

Another trend is the use of collagen not just in beauty but also for healthy ageing and sports science. Josh Hemelaar, vice-president of sales (China/APA) for GELITA, “Sports nutrition is being reinvented with science … and collagen is becoming a huge trend.”

Vitafoods Asia comes back to Singapore in September 23 to 24 next year.


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Vitafoods Asia)




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