Enjoy rejuvenating experiences in Finland

by | October 26, 2016

Take in the country’s unspoilt landscapes and be one with nature through the many experiences for the body and soul.


The private Aurora Dome.

The private Aurora Dome.

In the rush and crush of modern life, Finland is transforming the wellness of travellers with enriching and accessible nature experiences. The ultimate rejuvenation destination, Finland is becoming highly sought after by health-conscious travellers seeking the rarities of space, quiet and unique experiences in pristine environments. Through wild food foraging, digital detoxes, traditional saunas, snow yoga, lakeside living and unspoilt landscapes, Finnish culture is bringing travellers a new level of well-being in the wilderness.


Unwind in the wild winter

Lasting half of the year, the Finnish winter tourism season offers a variety of white wellness activities that embrace the scenic snow season. From ice-fishing and ski mobile safaris to snow yoga and digital detoxes, the wild winters create an exciting and enticing opportunity to embrace Finnish nature that refreshes and relaxes the brain and improves overall wellbeing.

  • Lapland Offline Digital Detox – Situated on a large quiet lake next to Pallas-Ylläs National Park, Torassieppi Winter Village
    See nature's greatest light show.

    See nature’s greatest light show.

    takes travellers offline and reconnects them with nature through experiencing Lapland’s wild winter by embracing the surroundings of a traditional reindeer farm. With no digital distractions (that’s right – no phones, tablets or computers), travellers immerse themselves in the experiences, focusing their attention on the colours of the landscape and scents in the air on adventurous reindeer sleigh rides, husky safaris and snow shoeing expeditions.

  • Five Million Star Sleep Aurora Dome – Affluent travellers can luxuriate in a private Aurora Dome on the shores of Lake Torassieppi where the night skies are far from any light pollution, providing the perfect backdrop to watch the aurora borealis dance across the Arctic firmament. Reminiscent of an igloo, the homely husky and reindeer inspired furnishings coupled with the wood burning stove create a cosy atmosphere in the remote environment with the best possible views of nature’s greatest light show. The Aurora Domes inspire a sense of adventure whilst maintaining a wonderful level of well-being.
  • Snow Yoga – Local Finnish lifestyle and livelihood are based on natural elements, with people seeking strength and peace from nature. Snow Yoga combines a popular wellness activity with the cool embrace of an extreme outdoor experience where the elements of tranquillity, space and pure air collide. Not only will travellers benefit from increased flexibility and energised skiing stamina, the spiritual silence and infinity of the landscape reduces stress and teaches mindfulness.


Soothing summer sensations

Foraging in the forest.

Foraging in the forest.

With July and August offering a chance to experience the 24-hour summer sunlight, Finland becomes ripe with seasonal forest foods, glistening lakes and pristine landscapes for travellers seeking serenity. From tasting wild foods to unwinding by a lakeside cottage in a Finnish sauna, there’s a number of ways for travellers to immerse themselves in a relaxing and enriching nature experience for the body and soul:

  • Blueberry Picking & Mushroom Hunting at Nuuksio National Park – Gathering wild food on a guided hike through the tranquil Finnish forests is a relaxing experience for foraging foodies and nature explorers alike, particularly those with a taste for fresh berries and fragrant mushrooms. Whist spending time in the forest reduces stress levels and helps the mind unwind; the clean northern nature and summer days produce berries and fungi that are a great source for a healthy boost of vitamins, flavonoids, fibre, and antioxidants.
  • Lakeside Forest Villas by Hawkhill – This appealing nature retreat of logwood cabins positions travellers in the arms of the silent wilderness where they can take in the longer days of the Midnight Sun and connect with the environment for revitalisation. The serene setting of these lakeside cottages offers the chance to embrace the clean air by exploring the unspoilt landscapes of the nearby Nuuksio National Park. Wild herb excursions, boat rowing, open fire cooking and traditional Finnish Sauna make this the ultimate sanctuary for experiencing living in harmony with nature.

    Taste the fresh berries.

    Taste the fresh berries.

  • Sunset Sauna Cycle – With 1.7 million saunas dotting Finland, a physical and spiritual cleansing tour of the sauna-frenzy nation offers a glimpse into the culture behind this ritual. Exploring Helsinki on two wheels is an actively rewarding way to uncover the recreational areas and islands near the city centre, concluding the cycle with some recovery time in a famous public sauna at the end of the sauna trail.


For more information about Finland, go to www.visitfinland.com.




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