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by | March 2, 2010

ABSOLUTÉ Skin Rejuvenation’s Retinol (Vitamin A) Dermal Refiner is a cream that is great for all skin types, including mature skin. Formulated with Alpha Arbutin (promotes skin brightening), lactic acid (gives a softer, smoother complexion) and the latest stabilisation form of Retinol (gives a more youthful appearance and has a protective chemical that may reduce the risk of certain cancers), this cream minimises skin discolouration and shallows wrinkles. It also restores elasticity, smoothness and a youth glow. The cream is highly recommended as a night cream for mature skin.

The 30g contain currently costs $133, less $35 from its usual price and is available at all four outlets of TOUCHE, including Orchard (6738 8441), Tanjong Pagar (6221 6612), Bugis (6238 0500) and Simei (6789 6616). For more information, visit its website at www.cls-touche.com.



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