First-in-market travel insurance feature

by | June 8, 2017

Aviva enhances travel insurance by providing coverage for cancellation or change of travelling date for any reason.


Travel without hassles.

Insurer Aviva has introduced new enhancements and riders for its travel insurance policy, with the aim of alleviating uncertainty for consumers when they travel overseas. Currently, travel insurance policies in the market cover trip cancellations or change of travelling dates for specific claimable reasons such as death, injury, or illness.

To provide additional flexibility to consumers, Aviva has gone beyond this to introduce first-in-market coverage for cancellation or change of travelling dates for any reason – for instance, cancellations due to sudden work commitments, family emergencies, or even simply a change of mind. A 50-percent reimbursement will be provided for such claims.

Aviva has also introduced new riders to better cater to consumers’ travel agenda including coverage for winter sports (e.g. skiing), water sports (e.g. diving), and golf vacations.

The company has also teamed up with a carpooling app called RYDE to offer direct purchase of travel insurance via its mobile app. Via the use of an application program interface (API), RYDE members can now get a quote and purchase Aviva’s travel insurance from within the RYDE app, with a 10-percent discount on their premium. If they are also an existing Aviva customer, the discount goes up to 30 percent – this is part of Aviva’s ongoing initiative to reward existing customers. On top of the convenience and discount, RYDE members are assured of full coverage even during their journey to and from the airport.




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