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by | June 19, 2015

These three vacuum cleaners are ready to pick up dust and allergens, even in hard to reach areas of the home.

Allergy Care.

Hitachi has launched three made-in-Japan vacuum cleaners – Allergy Care, Smooth & Easy, and Hygienic. Allergy Care (CV-SA8200RJ) is ideal for those who are sensitive to dust. It has a unique electric linen beat head embedded with a special plate. The head would vibrate and beat thoroughly to pick up allergens hidden deep in fabrics and bedding linens, cleaning them.

Smooth & Easy.

Next, the Smooth & Easy (CV-SA8100RJ) vacuum cleaner has an extendable multi-angle wide brush to reach difficult areas with ease. It is suitable for homes with stairs or high and narrow spaces.

Lastly, the Hygienic (CV-SA8000RJ) has a high dust collection performance with filters that effectively capture allergens at home. The two-boost cyclonic technology prevents over 99.9 percent of suction dirt from escaping, cleaning the house meticulously and keeping it hygienic. It collects dust and allergens such as pollen and house dust by centrifugation. With its Allergy Off Filter, the vacuum cleaner collects the allergens and suppresses their activity with artificial enzymes applied to the fibre surface. Hygienic with its air turbine head is great for vacuuming carpets as the power of indrawn air makes the brushes within spin and beat dust out of the carpets.


All three vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a two-boost cyclonic technology, easy dust disposal system and low-noise operation. Hitachi has also launched its Pressure and Steam Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cooker, which ensures that rice is cooked to perfection. It has a 1.3 atmospheric pressure and 107 degree C high-temperature boiling point, as well as a high-heating power iron pot.


Vacuum cleaners – Allergy Care unit comes in champagne colour at S$1,299, Smooth & Easy comes in ruby red at S$1,099 and Hygienic comes in red at S$999. The rice cooker comes in 1.0L (RY-KV100YS) and 1.8L (RZ-KV180YS) retailing at S$899 and S$999 respectively. These products are available at all Hitachi authorised dealers including Harvey Norman and Gain City. For a list of stores, go to:



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