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by | February 10, 2015

An SG50 social initiative appreciates pioneers by giving them a cup of coffee or tea.


Susanti (in blue shirt, centre), who started the Forward A Cup initiative.

It was by drinking a coffee, which jolted 29-year-old Susanti, an executive working at a trading firm, to come up with a social initiative/campaign that involves a cup of drink, and the pioneers of Singapore. “I have always wanted to do a social project and it was a timely opportunity as SG50 has provided a good platform for us to do this initiative,” she shared. “I always felt that the pioneers and the elderly should be honoured.”


When one buys a cup, the participating café matches that cup.

How it works

Through her initiative called Forward A Cup, an individual purchases a “Forward Cup” at one of the 13 (and growing) participating cafés islandwide to treat a pioneer. The participating café will also match that cup for another pioneer. The individual will then receive two Post-It notes to write his heartfelt messages of thanks to the pioneers to be pinned on the board of the participating café so the pioneers can read them.

The signage at the door to show that the café is participating in the initiative.

To redeem their drink, pioneers can look out for the Forward A Cup sign at the door of the participating cafés (the list of those cafés are on the Forward A Cup website). They can take a note from the board and show their Pioneer Generation card to redeem their drink, which could be either coffee or tea if the value is the same or lower. Her initiative has already given out 2,000 cups to pioneers.

“The main purpose is to show appreciation to the pioneers as they have contributed much to our past and today, it wouldn’t be what it is without them. It is also a chance to inculcate a giving culture among the youths,” said Susanti of her initiative, which started in January this year and will end in April. However, she shared that it might get extended if the initiative gains “huge traction”.


Jumping on the giving bandwagon

Messages for the pioneers pinned to a board of a café.

And a few heartwarming stories have come out as a result of her initiative. Ti shared that a couple of her friends came forward to contribute 50 cups as part of Singapore’s Jubilee celebrations and a large café chain also contributed 800 cups of kopi, however all wanting to remain anonymous. Said Susanti, “I am really happy to see this giving spirit. The responses we have gotten from the pioneers are they feel appreciated, and they like the campaign and the heartfelt notes of thanks.”

Those who didn’t mind revealing their names were happy to be a part of the initiative. Chan Wei Siang, 31, said: “Makes you think about our grandparents who worked so hard for Singapore. Drink for thought. It’s a nice feeling to be able to show our appreciation to our elders, even while we’re having fun with our friends.”

Susanti is hoping more will jump on the giving bandwagon and has already spread the word through participating cafés’ marketing collaterals, social media, word-of-mouth, SG50 channels and engaging a food blogger to write about the initiative and share with SMU students.

To find out more about the initiative at the Forward A Cup FACEBOOK page.




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