Fun at Chingay

by | February 23, 2017

Ageless Online was present at this year’s national event where we carried banners advocating for seniors.


Ageless Online’s banner representatives (from left to right) – Dexter Tai, P’ter Chan and Sherina Chopard, with their new friend Hamid, during one of the rehearsals where it rained.

There were colourful floats, performances staged by international and local performers and fireworks. Also at this year’s Chingay organised by People’s Association (PA), there were 1,500 organisations of different backgrounds that carried specially designed “WeCare Singapore” banners during the opening segment.

One of those organisations included Ageless Online, where we had three seniors carrying their individual banners advocating for seniors. On each of the banners were over 100 signatures. The seniors attended several rehearsals, including one rehearsal day where it rained. And on the two actual parade days where Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President of Singapore Dr Tony Tan were present, the seniors had to also deal with windy conditions while carrying the 2kg to 3kg banner. We are proud to say none of them dropped the banners and all had lots of fun.

P’ter carrying a banner.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I am glad I took part in the Chingay celebration. It gave me an opportunity to meet volunteers whose self-sacrifices to make the event a big success gave me pride and joy.” – P’ter Chan, 68

Dexter and Sherina with their banners.

“To have the opportunity to watch the colourful regional Chingay procession at close quarters after our duty was a worthwhile experience for me, in spite of the joy of being flown away with the banner owing to the threatening strong breeze.” – Dexter Tai, 76




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