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by | October 28, 2019

New for this years’ National Steps Challenge is the Silver Challenge, which promotes healthy ageing among seniors.

The Silver Challenge, a physical activity initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), officially kicked off on October 26. The Challenge, a new element this year, promotes healthy ageing among seniors in Singapore and is an extension to the National Steps Challenge, which will end on April 30 next year. Participation is free of charge.

For participants who use smartphones, the Silver Challenge is conducted via the Healthy 365 mobile app, which is available for free download on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Participants also have the option of selecting different fitness tracking modes, including app-based tracking and other compatible fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit and Polar.

Registration for the Silver Challenge is available on the Healthy 365 mobile app. Once a profile on Healthy 365 mobile app has been created and the preferred fitness tracking mode has been selected, participants need to start moving and be physically active to qualify for the monthly lucky draws, which starts from November 2019 onwards. Participants may also earn an additional chance each month if they attend at least one of the selected Active Ageing Programmes (AAPs) organised by HPB.

Only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore who are born in 1959 and earlier may qualify for the monthly lucky draws if they meet the criteria as a current participant. Current participants must minimally clock 1,000 steps on any given one day in the month of the lucky draw.

Non-smartphone users can sign up at National Steps Challenge Season 5 public roadshows, or at the Healthy 365 kiosks if they have compatible HPB fitness trackers. Kiosk-compatible fitness trackers are namely Season 3 and Season 4 models, i.e. Axtro Fit, Careeach, Careeach HR, Glide HR, Mova, Skytech, Tempo (HR) and Tempo 2 (HR). Non-smartphone users will only be able to participate using HPB fitness trackers.

The National Steps Challenge is an incentive-based national programme to encourage Singaporeans to be more physically active. Participants in the Silver Challenge can earn Healthpoints to redeem for rewards such as shopping and grocery vouchers. Each eligible participant is allowed to collect one Silver Challenge heart-rate monitoring fitness tracker, together with a pair of limited edition straps on a first-come, first-served, while-stocks-last basis. This is regardless of whether they have collected a National Steps Challenge Season 4 fitness tracker.


** Find out more about the Challenge, collecting the tracker and roadshows HERE


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Health Hub)




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