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by | July 19, 2018

NTUC Income’s Orange Health programme looks not just at exercise but also at sleep and diet.


Orange Health empowers those insured with IncomeShield to record their lifestyle in sleep, steps, diet and workout.

NTUC Income is latest insurance company that is offering incentives for those in Singapore to get moving, and rewarded. Through its health and fitness programme called Orange Health which is housed in the Income Insurance app, it empowers those insured with IncomeShield to record their lifestyle in four areas – sleep, steps, diet and workout – and be rewarded for keeping healthy and active proactively.

According to World Health Statistics 2018 by the World Health Organization, Singapore has one of the best life expectancy rate in the world, with average life expectancy of 82.9 years. However, Singapore has an average healthy life expectancy of 76.2 years, which refers to the number of years a person can expect to live in “full health” without disease and/or injury. This shows that we can all do more to live healthily longer.

Much has been said about the importance of leading an active lifestyle and consuming a balanced and healthy diet to reduce the risks of chronic diseases and obesity, which are major health issues that impedes Singapore’s healthy life expectancy. Although diet and exercise are critical components to a healthy life, there is an inherent correlation between sleep, our diet and exercise, and how one functions on a daily basis.

Insufficient sleep, which refers to sleep time of less than seven hours a night, can affect the body’s immune system, memory, concentration and daily functioning in the long run. A SingHealth poll in 2016 found that four in 10 people (44 percent) lack sleep on weekdays, clocking less than seven hours of rest a night. The rate of 44 percent is higher than that in other countries where studies found that between 35 and 37 percent slept less than seven hours daily.

Income believes in a holistic approach to health and hence, has designed Orange Health to reward those who ensure sufficient sleep and keep to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

The dashboard in the app.

Orange Health encourages users to earn Oh! points in redemption for rewards. To earn Oh! points, users must proactively record their steps and sleep, log their workouts by scanning the QR code at one of Orange Health’s participating fitness centres, check-in at parks, or have a healthy meal at one of Orange Health’s participating food outlets and scan the QR code there.

To foster healthier food preferences and physical activities, Orange Health ensures that it is easy and convenient for users to make healthier choices, while motivating them to continue to do so with rewards.

For example, Foodfare, an Orange Health dining partner, offers 24 food courts and coffee shops that are strategically located around Singapore, allowing Orange Health users to conveniently earn Oh! points by choosing a healthier meal each time. ActiveSG is also specially selected as a fitness partner for its wide network of 18 ActiveSG gyms and 24 swimming complexes islandwide. In addition, Orange Health also encourages users to check-in at public parks when they embark on outdoor activities such as cycling, brisk walking and jogging to keep fit, so as to earn Oh! points.

Marcus Chew, chief marketing officer at Income, said: “We embarked on Orange Health in 2015 to encourage people to take charge of their health as we believe that those who make an effort to be healthy, and to stay healthy, deserve to be rewarded. Today, we have enhanced Orange Health to take a holistic approach towards healthy living. We encourage individuals to have sufficient rest, watch their diet and exercise regularly. By rewarding people for making deliberate choices that positively impact their health, we hope to help our customers establish good lifelong habits.”

Income also offer Orange Health Screening for people in Singapore to find out the general status of their health.

To enjoy the revamped Orange Health programme, users can download the Income Insurance app to sign up for Orange Health from Google Play Store (for Android devices) or Apple App Store (for iOS devices). During the launch period from now till December 31, 2018, users can earn additional 500 Oh! points as sign-up bonus. Orange Health users can also look out for ad-hoc challenges where they can earn more Oh! points. Accumulated Oh! points can be redeemed for rewards.




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