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by | September 24, 2015

Mount Elizabeth Hospitals has launched a ‘Keep Moving’ campaign so people can stay active and achieve their goals.


Running, cycling and soccer are three of the most popular sports in Singapore. The rising popularity of these sports can be attributed to an increasingly health-conscious population that sees sports as a means to a physically and mentally fulfilling life. As such, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals has launched a ‘Keep Moving’ orthopaedic campaign to empower individuals with the knowledge to stay active and achieve their exercise goals.

An infographic from the website.

The campaign’s one-stop informative website – – features common orthopaedic conditions written by renowned orthopaedic surgeons at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals and handy tips on how to keep moving regardless of age, continuing your favourite sports after sustaining injuries, and doing sports you love when you age. Some of the topics – “Weekend warriors: 5 ways to avoid injury”, “Common injury risks when playing sports after 40” and “Is your weekend cycling causing back pain”.

Beyond sports injury prevention strategies, the site also has information about the latest sports and orthopaedic treatment options like total knee replacement and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery.


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Running, Keep Moving website)




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