Gift ideas for grandchildren to learn about the world

by | August 29, 2019

Lonely Planet Kids offers flashcards so kids can learn a new language to an atlas of monsters and ghosts.

First Words Japanese Board Book.

Thinking of a gift idea for your grandchildren? Think no further, Lonely Planet Kids has several ideas for kids to learn about the world and have fun. Its “First Words Flashcards” in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish gets very young children to pick up a language. Each pack has 50 colourful cards with an illustration on one side and text on the opposite side. The kids can turn it into a game and test themselves against family and friends.

There are also the durable “First Words Board Books” in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. They encourage little ones to learn their first words in a variety of languages and recognise familiar, everyday objects around them such as shoes, telephone, cat and sun.

There is also the “Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts” where kids can discover where mythical beasts hide and blood-sucking vampires lie in wait. Kids get to join famous monster hunter Van Helsing on a trip around the globe to find haunted castles, restless spirits, terrifying dragons, wicked witches, and more. They will learn the defining characteristics of each beast, where it can be found and – most importantly – how to defeat it.

To learn more about a variety of cultures around the world, Lonely Planet Kids has “Around the World Colouring Book” and “Around the World Craft & Design Book”. From vibrant street parades to magnificent feasts, kids get to colour their way around the globe and at the same time learn about the world’s most festive cultural celebrations. In the craft and design book, there are step-by-step instructions to teach kids how to make their own Chinese lantern, Native American dream catcher or Maori carved pendant from everyday household materials. They can also practise the Norwegian art of ‘rose painting’ and design their own range of Russian nesting dolls.

The activity books.

Lonely Planet Kids also has “The Cities Activity Book” and “The Travel Activity Book”. The travel book is the ticket to an incredible global adventure, discovering the world’s people, places and cultures. For the urban explorer, the cities book will have the kids decorating their own mural on a Melbourne graffiti wall, filling in the New York skyline, or trying their hand at writing a rap as they do in Ethiopia. These activity books are a complement to the Lonely Planet Kids’ earlier editions of “The Travel Book” and “The Cities Book”.



** All these are priced from US$6.99 (around S$9.70) for the board books all the way to US$12.99 (around S$18) for the flashcards. They are available in leading bookstores and on Lonely Planet Kids’ website.




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