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by | December 2, 2014

Eat organic pastas to fruits jams.

Whole-wheat spaghetti.

Enjoy natural organic produce with Alce Nero, a brand of organic Italian food, from pastas, tomato and pesto sauces, to condiments and fruit jams. It is said to be the only range of Italian organic pasta and pasta sauce in Singapore.

There are countless benefits when eating organic produce. For one, organic food is grown naturally and is free from the harmful substances of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. By consuming organic food, we are keeping our bodies free from toxins that may be harmful to our bodies. More than just being good for your body, organic produce also helps to conserve the environment and agriculture in our ecosystem.

Organic apricot jam.



Enjoy savings when you purchase any Alce Nero pasta sauces (350g) or purees (500g) at a promotional price of S$4.70 (original retail price of S$5.50). Also, purchase any two organic pastas (500g) at S$5.45 (original retail price of S$6.70 for two). Be in for a treat with strawberry jam (270g) and cherry jam (270g) at a festive price of S$9, from S$9.80, while plum jam (270g), peach jam (270g), and apricot jam (270g) is available at S$7.95 (original retail price of S$8.80). These festive promotions are available from now until December 31, 2014, only at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets.

Alce Nero is available at all leading supermarkets, selected organic stores and on www.HealthyGourmet.sg.



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  1. agelessadmin

    Organic produce — Here I have to make a few contrary comments:
    Organic is an overused and over-hyped word.
    It’s good for marketing and allows people to make higher profits.
    It’s mostly pseudo-science. The claims that are so freely made cannot be supported by well-researched and evidence-based science.
    Peasants from ancient civilisations such as China and India have been growing crops the ‘organic’ way since time immemorial.
    And they never made such great claims save that the food they grew will keep them from starvation.
    You will also note that their life spans were very short. Even in India today, the life span of an Indian peasant is not more than 40 to 50 years.
    There are good reasons for this like infectious diseases and so on, just like nowadays where people die premature deaths because to their poor dietary habits.
    Infectious diseases is not a serious factor anymore.

    The claims made by modern-day organic food promoters have another very serious defect. They have not been around long enough to support claims about the long-term effects of their organic produce.

    You won’t find me paying extra money for organic produce.

    Tong Yuen


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