Going bananas

by | June 2, 2011

There is a new flavour to the SOYJOY fruit soy bar line. SOYJOY Banana, which is baked with natural soy dough and flavoured with fragrant ripe bananas, offers health-conscious individuals with another convenient and delicious choice to the four existing flavours (hawthorn berry, raisin almond, apple and cacao orange). Besides bananas, it also contains other real fruit including raisins and pineapple, as well as almonds and coconut. The new flavour contains 210mg of calcium, which is essential for the maintenance of bone and teeth, and comes with vitamin D that aids in the absorption of calcium.


SOYJOY Banana is available at major supermarkets and convenience stores. The recommended retail price is $1.70, but it may vary depending on where it is purchased.



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