Golden nuggets

by | June 6, 2018

A book penned by seven individuals who attended a creative writing course together.


The book titled “Golden Nuggets” is an anthology of 35 short stories.

Coincidence brought the seven together, but it was intention that spurred them to do more. After attending a creative writing course, these individuals over the age of 50 were inspired and decided to apply what they learned to publish an anthology of 35 short stories for a charitable cause. The book titled “Golden Nuggets” was conceived with future generations in mind, with a desire to transmit values and contribute to character-building of the younger generation.

Shared Lim Soon Hock, one of the editors and writer of the book, “Many of the short stories expound and/or highlight the virtues of family bonds, kindness, giving, humility, societal conflicts and expectations.”

At the book launch from left to right: Ivy Tse, CEO of Halogen Foundation; Prof Chua Joon Eng and Lim Soon Hock, editors and writers; Lim Siong Guan, president of GIC (guest-of-honour); Goh Lee Kian (representative of student illustrators for the book); and the book writers – Dr Anju Aditya, Dorothy Lee, Mary Soon, Shireen Chong, and Nicholas Song.

For instance, in one of his stories in the book titled “A Tale of Two Sagas” about a migrant construction worker who helped a Caucasian man who fell, he shared the topics of selflessness and giving irrespective of one’s station in life. And, in his other story – “Right or Wrong” – it surrounded a Chinese worker in Singapore, who was jailed and banned from driving because of a past fatal driving accident. He ended up having to drive again to clear a traffic jam, but this act resulted in him being jailed again and his ban from driving further extended. In this story, Soon Hock shared the need to be always guided by our conscience to do right, and do good.

He added: “My stories are based on fiction which I have stitched together from real experiences, observations as well as imagination.”

Another writer, Dorothy Lee came onboard as she wanted to “keep my brain working with age and the passing of time”. In one of her stories titled “C’est La Vie!”, she shared about her expatriate life and the goings-on in the various households overseas. “I wanted to point out to the younger generations, the possible danger of being led astray if they mix with the wrong company when they are sent overseas for their studies,” explained Dorothy.

“Golden Nuggets” is being used to raise funds for Halogen Foundation, an organisation that helps build young leaders and entrepreneurs. Since the book’s launch in April, the book has raised close to S$230,000, which is S$20,000 short of its target, and Soon Hock is confident of achieving the target. He added: “The response to this charity book project was beyond our expectations, to say the least.”

Is a second book then in the pipeline? Soon Hock said there are no plans however, the creative writing course “has successfully ignited the fire of writing in some of us, so it is not inconceivable that some of us may choose being an author as a retirement vocation”. Added Dorothy, “I have always hoped to write my own book someday, so perhaps this recent writing project will inspire me to do so.”


** “Golden Nuggets” costs S$50 and can be purchased through Halogen Foundation. Write to:




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