Government schemes made simple

by | February 28, 2018

Centre For Seniors launches web portal detailing the various schemes and is categorised according to age groups.


Non-profit Centre For Seniors (CFS) has launched a new web portal called Government Schemes Made Simpler detailing the various Government schemes for seniors and their caregivers. Though there are over 50 Government social support schemes for seniors by different ministries, CFS found that many people lacked the knowledge and awareness of these schemes and it varied across the different age groups.

CFS conducted a random survey of 140 seniors aged 50 and above and found that there was a lack of awareness to the large number of schemes available, which caused confusion. Furthermore, the qualifying criteria for some of the schemes was confusing also. Of the top four Government schemes that were known were: MediShield Life, Passion Silver Concession Card, CHAS (Community Health Assist Scheme), and Retirement Sum Scheme.

The survey also found that seniors most often obtain information about Government schemes from brochures, flyers and newspapers. However, those in between 50 and 54 tend to gain awareness through websites. Also, about 15 percent recommended that a single portal for disseminating information be implemented, providing simple explanations for each scheme.

CFS’ web portal is designed for seniors in mind and is therefore, easy to access and navigate, and easy to understand. It is also mobile-optimised. The information is categorised based on three age groups (50-54, 55-67, and 68+) and the Government schemes cover four areas – medical, social, housing and financial. Seniors will be able to find all the relevant Government schemes available to them, based on their age group and the type of aid they require. According to CFS, the portal has been tested and found to be suitable and useful for many seniors.

During the launch of the web portal, CFS also introduced the simulated studio apartment flat called “The Studio – a Learning Lab” – a place where caregiving training will be conducted to better situate the learning experiences in a home environment for the trainees. Beside training, caregivers can share their thoughts on how home modifications or adaptive environmental behaviours can be employed to meet functional needs and support independence and safety of a senior within a home. The Studio will also showcase how intelligent technology is used to free caregivers from stress by providing 24/7 care that transmits data about activities of a stay-alone senior to the caregivers on real-time basis.




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