Humour to keep you young

by | September 16, 2014

Laughter is really the best medicine and it is free!

BY: Rewa Mirpuri

Humour plays an important role in our lives. It is a beneficial tool to our lifestyle, be it in health, social circles and in our business relations. It is one of the simple joys of life. As Charlie Chaplin once said: “A day without laughter, is a day wasted!”

Our five senses are not enough for ideal living. We need to use our sixth sense – the Sense of Humour. Mahatma Gandhi, who went through a lot of crises to attain freedom for India, said, “I would have long ago committed suicide if I had no sense of humour.” Such is the great power that lies behind the sense of humour.


Laughter essential for good health

Laughter has a great therapeutic value. According to medical science, laughter helps us to breathe deeply, and this oxygenates our blood, stimulates circulation, aids digestion, stabilises the blood pressure and massages our vital organs.

Laughter is also an excellent exercise for our facial muscles. When we laugh, our face gets an increased flow of blood, which nourishes our facial skin and makes it glow. Many of us go for a facial massage. What does the masseuse do? She will massage our face to lift our lines up to give us a glow and make us look young. We feel happy. But when the massage is over and the masseuse hands us the hefty bill, all our lines fall back to their original place and we are back to square one.

A good hearty laughter does the same trick. It lifts up all our face lines up and gives us a great glow and it is free of charge! Laughter does not cost a penny. It is a great antioxidant, free from salt, no cholesterol, no MSG, and no trans fat. Truly, it is a purely great supplement.

Here are a few jokes to get you laughing:

• A doctor, while driving, noticed his patient taking a walk. He stopped his car and said to him, “Hi! I am glad to see you taking a walk home.”

The guy replied, “No choice Doc, I had to sell my car when I got your bill.”

• Patient: Doc, give me something that will stimulate me, excite me and put me in the fighting spirit. 

Doctor: Don’t worry. You’ll find all that in your bill.


Laughter helps in business

Humour in the business world or workplace brings about an air of relaxation. A relaxed mind is a happy mind, and a happy mind thinks and works better. In the US, many corporations now have what they call a ‘Humour Break’, where the boss and the staff share jokes with one another to have a good laugh. This has proved to be very refreshing during stressful work, and has helped to boost productivity within the organisation.

More jokes:

• During a ‘Humour Break’, the boss was telling jokes to his staff and everyone was laughing, except Mary.

“Mary,” asked the boss, “why aren’t you laughing today?”

Mary replied, “I don’t have to boss. I quit job on Friday.”


Laughter is also useful in your social life

Injecting humour spices our conversation – just like spices flavour our food and make it more delicious. We can use humour with great success on happy occasions, cocktails and celebrations. A light-hearted conversation or a toast to the bridal couple can liven up the atmosphere.

On a lighter side:

• The other day I attended a church wedding. At the altar stood the bride and the groom looking at each other with love and affection. The bride said to the groom, “My little peach”. The groom said to the bride,” My sweet plum”.

And the preacher said, “I now pronounce you fruit salad.”

• When a man holds a woman’s hand, before marriage, it is love. After marriage, it is self-defence.

• Two women were having a chat. One said to the other, “You are wearing your wedding ring in the wrong finger”. The other replied, “Yes, I know. I married the wrong man.”


How do we enhance our sense of humour?

• Develop a cheerful attitude. When getting up in the morning, let us say with enthusiasm, “Good Morning, God” and not, “Good God, it’s morning!!!”

• Let us always wear A SMILE. It is the most beautiful attire and is the best way to dress up and improve our looks.

• Mix in the company of jolly and optimistic people. Seek one who communicates with you in laughter, for laughter can turn a sad day into a joyful one.

Humour is international. Every nationality enjoys humour. So let us take time to laugh and make others laugh as it is the music of the soul.


Rewa Mirpuri, 75, is the author of several humour books including “Book of Humour”, “Best of Humour” and “Bank of Humour”. His books can be purchased through his website or they can be purchased RSVP Singapore where the money will be used to raise funds for the poor and needy seniors.


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