Inaugural Grandparents’ Day

by | December 9, 2019

Approximately 300 seniors and grandparents were invited to a range of festivities including vintage care rides and community performances.


Approximately 300 seniors and grandparents were invited to the inaugural Grandparents Day at Selegie in late November to enjoy a range of festivities, including vintage car rides and community performances. As part of the celebration, seniors were encouraged to write gratitude cards to their loved ones. This act of gratitude giving is part of the “Seniors Give Thanks!” campaign under the International Day of Older Persons organised by RSVP Singapore annually since 2017.

The event also provided the opportunity for intergenerational volunteering where volunteers young and old worked together for a common good. Holding the event at the heart of Selegie was to celebrate the area’s rich heritage. Using AR (augmented reality) technology, families could relive the good old days and step into a building from the past using merely a mobile phone. Goggles were also provided so that seniors could go “underwater” or even to the “safari” using VR (virtual reality) technology.


(**PHOTO CREDIT: RSVP Singapore)



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