Incentives for staying healthy

by | June 9, 2015

NTUC Income rewards those who stay healthy and encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


NTUC Income believes that "those who make an effort to be healthy, and to stay healthy, deserve to be rewarded".

NTUC Income has implemented a suite of initiatives to reward those who stay healthy and encourage people in Singapore, including seniors, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The suite, known as Orange Health, comprises a health screening at a special rate in collaboration with NTUC Health’s Unity Pharmacy. It also includes a mobile application to make it easier for users to keep track of their health status, medical appointments and insurance details. The app even allows users to keep track of the medical habits of their dependents.

“People in Singapore have become more health-conscious. This is evident from the increasing numbers of people participating in running and cycling events, and the continued popularity of gym memberships and health food restaurants,” said Marcus Chew, senior vice-president of Strategic Marketing & Communications at NTUC Income.

There have also been numerous letters to the media calling on insurers to reward policyholders who have never made claims on their insurance policies.

Chew explained: “We believe that those who make an effort to be healthy, and to stay healthy, deserve to be rewarded. That is why we developed Orange Health to encourage people to take charge of their health. For those whose health conditions are not ideal, we hope they will take the first step towards a healthier life.”

As part of Orange Health, members of the public are invited to undergo a basic health screening provided by Unity Pharmacy and Healthway Medical Corporative for just S$15. The Orange Health screening will be conducted at selected Unity Pharmacy outlets across Singapore, as well as at NTUC Income’s branches at Bras Basah, Tampines and Ang Mo Kio by Healthway Medical on selected Saturdays.

The screening covers four health markers – Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and cholesterol. These tests will provide an indication of the risk of developing many medical conditions. If the readings are unfavourable, Unity pharmacists will advise on the necessary course of action, or refer members of the public to doctors to manage their conditions.

Those currently insured under NTUC Income IncomeShield or Enhanced IncomeShield and pass all four tests will receive a S$50 CapitaMall shopping voucher. As an incentive to stay healthy, they can undergo the same test in a year’s time and receive the same reward if their results are good.

Those who are not insured under IncomeShield or Enhanced IncomeShield will receive S$50 discount off their first-year premiums if they choose to sign up for Enhanced IncomeShield.

All participants are required to register for the health screening here at least two weeks in advance, and fast 12 hours prior to the tests being conducted. The first test for the public is available on June 15.


Orange Health app

As part of Orange Health, NTUC Income has also unveiled a unique mobile phone application aimed at helping people keep track of their health status.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, one of the features of the app is the Digital Vault. This allows users to save details of their important information such as results of the health screening, allergies, medication and insurance policies. Users can regularly send such information from this app via e-mail to their family members or loved ones so that their next-of-kin have the details on hand in the event of an emergency.

Users can also set up reminders for health checks, medical appointments and when they should take their medication and supplements.

Another key innovative feature is the Caregiver function, which allows the assigned caregiver to receive notifications when the user acknowledges his or her alarms for taking medication and medical appointments. This offers caregivers a greater peace of mind, especially when they are at work and unable to keep an eye on their loved ones.

Chew said: “It [the Orange Health app] is our way of making available a tool that is part of a holistic initiative to encourage and motivate people to be healthy and to remain healthy.”



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