Joint pain relief

by | September 25, 2014

The gel targets the root cause of joint inflammation and minimises friction and wear.


An aching twinge in the knee while walking or kicking a ball, or a sharp shooting pain at the shoulder while carrying groceries or swinging a racket. These are but two symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of arthritis, which affects 40 percent of the adult population in Singapore.

Now, thanks to a scientific breakthrough using cutting-edge nano-technology, OA sufferers and sportspeople with joint injuries alike can find pain relief with FLEXISEQ, a drug-free treatment gel specially formulated to adequately lubricate damaged joints, greatly reducing chronic pain and restoring joint flexibility.

It is especially beneficial for those suffering from joint pain, usually caused by wear and tear that comes with joint injury or repetitive stress on joints (usually accompanied by frequent involvement in physical sports), and age.

Developed using Sequessome technology in Germany, FLEXISEQ targets the root cause of joint inflammation, which hinders one’s ability to complete daily tasks with ease. The topically-applied product then delivers joint lubrication therapy which coats cartilage surfaces to minimise friction and wear.

The water-based FLEXISEQ contains no non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and is safe for long-term use without these risks. In a study conducted by the British Society of Rheumatology, it showed that NSAIDS could cause potential risks such as heart disease and stomach-related problems. FLEXISEQ has no known side effects and is safe for use simultaneously with other treatments. It is easy to apply – twice daily in the morning and evening to tissues around the aching joint.


FLEXISEQ, which retails at S$48 (including GST) per 50g tube, is exclusively available at all Guardian stores.





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