Just surrender

by | October 10, 2017

Not-profit theatre interest group gears up for its seventh production.


Ageless Theatre, which comprises mainly of seniors from the ages of 40s up to over 70-year-old, all with a burning passion for performance, is set to open the doors to its seventh production. Called “Surrender”, the play deals with seven individuals, seven idiosyncrasies and seven ideologies.

Surrender provides a window into the lives of seven different personalities and chronicles their existence in limbo as they each await their individual outcomes after making serious gambles with fate in their respective lives. Their lives get intertwined when a seemingly innocuous red box appears before them, revealing glimpses of a future they can’t seem to decipher. But not all that glitters is gold and the seven soon find out that as with everything else, liberation too comes with a price.

The play is being shown from November 24 to 26 at Gateway Theatre, Blackbox (Level 8) for S$30 for seniors. For each ticket sold, S$1.50 will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Order your tickets HERE.






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