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by | March 29, 2017

Those were the key focus for this year’s revamped 50plus 2017.

Seniors looking for courses to attend.

50plus 2017, the annual event for seniors, took a one-year hiatus and returned this year with a “fresh outlook” focusing on lifelong learning, volunteerism and positive ageing as some of you might have noticed. This year’s show had four key elements related to the buzzword “in” – Insightful Forums, Interesting Classes, Informative Bazaar and Inspiring Conference. The official opening was held on March 25 and was graced by Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, and later there was a conference with three speakers touching on the theme of “The art and science of ageing”.

Learning was one focus for this year’s revamped 50plus 2017.

The show featured 72 forum talks ranging from looking younger, successful ageing, sleeping habit, TCM, fighting diabetes, to personal Internet and mobile security tips. During the show, seniors also had the opportunity to sign up for an array of courses on a range of topics. A special focus was placed on Interesting Classes and an Informative Bazaar. Visitors could attend “teaser” 30-minute Interesting Classes, which provided a preview of the National Silver Academy (NSA) courses and then sign up for the courses of their interest on-site at the Bazaar. If you didn’t get a chance to attend 50plus 2017, you can still check out the NSA courses that you might want to attend HERE.




  1. Phua Kia Chew

    The revamped 50 Plus 2017 for Seniors focusing on Learning and Volunteerism while interesting and beneficial to the Seniors in terms of simple knowledge acquisition – seems to lack one important activity for the Seniors. And that is SHOPPING. Seniors like shopping and they need to get to know and buy essential products for their physical upkeep and for their health.

    Hence as compared to the previous year’s exhibition, there seems to be a lack of some excitement this year when goods are not offerred for sale. The talks since they are brief seem to lack depth. Also, there is no provision for questions and answers sessions.

    I suggest future events be centred on 1) Seniors knowledge acquisition relevant for their application, learning new skills and opportunities for use and areas for volunteerism. Are there something new for them to know?

    Also, three classes to be held in one room concurrently seems to be casual and a bit messy and lacks commitment and professionism. Are the same knowledge being imparted at the Community Centres ?

    Notwithstanding these comments, I am sure all the staff put in a lot of hardwork to prepare and co-ordinate the various events to enable them to be held. Well done !!

    • agelessadmin

      Thanks, Kia Chew on your comments. I will let the organisers know this.


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