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by | August 4, 2020

Alchemy Foodtech launches Alchemy Fibre, a slowly-digestible carbohydrate that is high in dietary fibre and prebiotics.


A local food-tech start-up company, Alchemy Foodtech has launched Alchemy Fibre, a slowly-digestible carbohydrate that is high in dietary fibre and prebiotics. When added to a carbohydrate, it lowers the glycemic index of the food and benefits everyone, including those with diabetes. The food’s taste and texture does not change, and can be added into food staples such as rice, bread, noodles and other dough-based food products.

Alchemy Fibre consists of a patented blend of 100-percent plant-based ingredients, such as corn, peas and tapioca. It is high in prebiotic fibres, which help to improve gut and heart health, and gives an added boost to one’s general immunity. It is suitable for vegans and is halal-certified.

Shared Deng Xin Lei, 62, who is using Alchemy Fibre, “My husband and I are getting on in age, and my husband is also pre-diabetic with high cholesterol. In recent years, I began incorporating organic brown rice into our plain white rice, to prevent my husband’s blood sugar levels spiking after meals. And while I enjoy the taste and texture of brown rice, my daughter and husband find it too dry and rough.

“My husband also has some gastric issues, and brown rice is harder to digest. When I added Alchemy Fibre to my short grain white rice, it tastes exactly the same as plain white rice and the family loves it. In fact, the texture of white rice with Alchemy Fibre is better – a bit fluffier with more bounce. It is also so easy. I just add a tablespoon of Alchemy Fibre and the rest of the process is the same,” added Xin Lei.

More than 50 F&B outlets and stores have added Alchemy Fibre into their menus, with another 50 more partnerships expected by end of this year. The confirmed brands include Boon Tong Kee, Bangkok Jam, The Refinery, Yu Kee Duck Rice and Yum Cha.


Alchemy Fibre appears as a white powder, and is sold in packets of two sizes – 250g packet (S$9.90) and 700g packet (S$18.90). Alchemy Fibre can be purchased online at Alchemy Foodtech’s website or via shopping partners, Lazada and Shopee.




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