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by | March 31, 2015

These headphones are foldable and have advanced acoustic technology.


Signeo South East Asia has launched Noontec’s new and enhanced ZORO II HD on-ear stereo headphones in Singapore. The ZORO II HD uses Noontec’s exclusive Surround Closed Cavity Body (SCCB) Acoustic Technology, which provides precise acoustic tuning throughout the entire frequency range.

In addition, the ZORO II HD employs Noontec’s latest Votrik HD400 speakers with cavities built with high-density materials to reduce intra-cavity vibration for enhanced audio clarity. The headphones have a broader sound field for a finer balance between treble, mid-range and bass, resulting in more natural soundscape transitions.

Its ear pads are slightly angled to contour around your ears for an optimum fit to funnel just music into your ears. It also features a thicker headband and earmuffs made from breathable and hypoallergenic materials for extra comfort during extended listening.

Built with high-quality aluminium and stainless steel, ZORO II HD which comes in a drawstring carry bag has a foldable design so it fits most bags and luggage.


The Noontec ZORO II HD headphones are priced at S$145 and are available at HMV, Mustafa, Lucky Store, Changi Aiport (T3 – Electronics Hub and T2 – iSound).



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