Nasal filters to trap pollution

by | October 20, 2015

These filters come in useful especially during the haze, and are another option from the conventional masks.


Nasal filters.

United BMEC, a medical distributor and healthcare service provider, has launched the Sanispira nasal filter in Singapore. This transparent device fits almost invisibly in the user’s nose, and is designed to trap fine dust, haze, allergens and other air pollution. Unlike conventional masks, the Sanispira nasal filters allow users to breathe comfortably, speak freely and maintain normal field of view. The Sanispira nasal filters are CE-certified.

The Sanispira nasal filter consists of two domes, which are inserted in each nostril, connected by a flexible strap for proper placement and easy removal. The domes are made from a soft biocompatible polymer, for comfortable use. The inner walls of the domes are helix-shaped and covered with a special biogel. As the user inhales air, the airflow is directed in a spiral manner, which moves air particles towards the viscous biogel. This captures and removes airborne particles from the inhaled air.

The Sanispira City and Travel model.

The Sanispira nasal filters are about 10mm high and weigh less than one gram. These are disposable and can be worn up to eight hours of continuous use (subject to model and conditions). This may be extended longer if worn intermittently and stored when not in use.

These nasal filters come in two models – Sanispira City and Travel (in medium size for men and small size for women 
and children) and Sanispira Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) (in medium and large sizes) for industrial/professional use.

In Singapore, the Sanispira air filters are sold in boxes of six for S$16.90 (with a S$3.80 postage fee within Singapore). They are available online at




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