New ‘Stay Home, Stay Active’ initiative

by | April 17, 2020

Council for Third Age (C3A) shares nine content platforms to keep seniors physically- and mentally-engaged during this partial lockdown.


In response to the safe distancing measures and suspension of social activities for seniors due to COVID-19, the Council for Third Age (C3A) has introduced a new ‘Stay Home, Stay Active’ initiative to keep seniors physically and mentally active while they stay at home.

The ‘Stay Home, Stay Active’ initiative consists of nine content platforms which are targeted at both English and Chinese-speaking seniors. They are as follows:

(1) Microsite with curated content – This is a one-stop platform ( where seniors can find curated content with a variety of online learning options and stay updated on COVID-19 developments.

(2) My daily schedule – This provides suggestions on how seniors can plan their day with proposed activities to stay physically and mentally active while they are at home –

(3) SMILE Pack – This serves as an informal communication platform that offers positive messages, uplifting music, healthy recipes, upcoming activities and latest updates via email or WhatsApp twice a week. You will need to subscribe on C3A’s website and you will then receive these updates.

(4) NSA e-Nuggets Series – This consists of a series of live talks on C3A’s Facebook page – – which covers wide-ranging topics from health, finance to technology and hobbies, at 2pm every Tuesday and Friday.

(5) Free and low-cost learning – This will offer free online learning platforms for different groups of seniors through collaboration with selected course providers such as Udemy. C3A will announce these details on its website soon.

(6) NSA online courses – This involves short e-learning courses for seniors by the partners of National Silver Academy. You can view the selected courses here –

(7) 快乐在“疫”起 – This is a one-hour talk show hosted by Montfort Care with guests including radio DJs from 10-11am, Monday-Friday, on Facebook Live that offers tips on how to keep healthy and active during the COVID-19 outbreak, as part of the collaboration with Montfort Care and Capital 958 radio. You can view these on Montfort Care’s Facebook page ­–

(8) “Project BUDDY” – This aims to reach out to lonely or isolated seniors with a phone call once a week by a volunteer buddy. Seniors can sign up if they want a buddy, or if they want to be a volunteer. This is part of C3A’s collaboration with Ageless Online and U 3rd Age. (See the links to sign up here – /want-a-buddy/.

(9) NSA virtual roadshow – This is an online event where seniors can visit virtual booths, attend live/recorded talks and communicate with participating partners through voice call or email. This roadshow will be happening from early July 2020. Details will be on C3A’s website.

“Keeping our seniors safe is our priority. All senior-centric activities have been suspended. These activities are popular among our seniors – an avenue to learn, or to socialise and simply stay active. Stay-home need not mean a total stop to learning activities. C3A is organising more digital ways for our seniors to continue to learn and stay active at home. And a great way to engage the “uninitiated” – seniors who are working and had little time in the past, or those preferring other ways to keep active but have to stop for now. We provide something fresh for them to try, with more time and at home,” said Kwok Wui San, chairman of Council for Third Age (C3A).

Michelle Tan, a homemaker in her early 70s, who watched the online live talk, shared: “The NSA e-Nuggets Series was an eye-opener and I’ve learnt how I can keep myself safe at home. Now that I’ve gained new knowledge, I can apply what I’ve learnt in my daily life. Looking forward to upcoming live talks every Tuesday and Friday.”

To broaden the selection of activities that seniors can participate, C3A has also partnered Government agencies such as NLB and IMDA and self-help groups such as PPIS or EN Community Services Society to offer wider selection of learning content through digital media that will interest and engage seniors such as talk shows and virtual events.


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Council for Third Age)





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