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by | December 1, 2016

These sensitive skin products provide pain-free removal and are ideal for those with fragile skin.


Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages.

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages.

3M has launched Nexcare Sensitive skin bandages, dressings and tapes designed to provide pain-free removal for those with sensitive skin and fragile wounds. The products are ideal for those who have fragile skin due to chronic illness; skin with lots of hair; skin prone to adverse reactions from adhesives or skin disorders such as eczema. The products are repositionable, hypoallergenic and latex-free.

The range includes:

Skin bandages – These adhesives combine an absorbent, non-stick pad that wicks fluids away from the wound. It is ideal for daily use to protect wounds such as cuts, scraps and minor burns.

The Sensitive Skin Dressings.

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Dressings.

Skin dressings (adhesive pads) – Also feature absorbent, non-stick pads that divert fluids from touching the wound. The water-resistant product exerts constant adhesive strength for as long as it is left in place.

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Tape.

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Tape.

Skin tapes – Featuring water-resistant adhesive, these tapes are easy to use for securing dressings, post-surgical gauze applications, and even medical devices. It is ideal for elderly and those who require frequent dressing changes.


The bandages are S$5.90; skin dressings, S$7.20 and skin tapes, S$9.90. These Nexcare Sensitive Skin products are available at selected Guardian, Watsons and Unity outlets.




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