No sweat!

by | February 2, 2011

The Rexona Dryness Challenge is back and is calling all women to test for the presence of sweat on the underarms after a long day. After taking up the challenge, women will find out that the Rexona anti-perspirant range truly works. Rexona is launching its microsite – – come July 5 to encourage more women to take up the Challenge to check their sweat levels with the special sweat strips provided. Ten lucky participants who share their Dryness Challenge reviews on the website will stand a chance to receive $200 worth of shopping vouchers as well as $50 worth of Rexona products. A total of 500,000 test kits will be making their way to individuals through their mailboxes, with the sweat strip in each kit.

So if you are thinking of taking up the Challenge, apply Rexona’s anti-perspirant on only one of your underarms, leaving the other free from any product use. Despite the little physical activity you may be engaged in the day, you will find out that the sweat strip on your anti-perspirant-free underarm turns bluish-green, indicating the presence of sweat. And the other sweat strip? After applying Rexona’s anti-perspirant, the sweat strip will remain dry, indicating the absence of sweat. If you have misplaced the kit, it is available at all leading pharmacies and you can try it at home.


Rexona’s anti-perspirant range is available at all major supermarkets and personal care stores. Retailing from $3.15 to $7.90, it is available in sprays, roll-ons and sticks.



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