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by | March 17, 2016

Two companies selling products for seniors have now an offline section selling their wares.


Heartful1Two online companies that sell products for seniors have created a new section called “Heartful Station” on Level 1 of Isetan @ Parkway Parade. The Golden Concepts and Haf Box, which both started in 2011, are selling some of their online products offline, including pill cutters, magnifiers, walking sticks, foot massagers, balance cushions, seat canes and fold-n-go walkers.

Heartful2“We are so heartened to be at Isetan Parkway. For the first time, we are able to bring greater awareness of the wide range of quality eldercare lifestyle and mobility products to a mall retail setting. Over time, we hope this will help to draw attention to the importance of independent living and ageing well,” said 27-year-olds Vanessa Keng and Lee Chang Xi, founders of The Golden Concepts.

Added Eugenia Yeo, 29, co-founder of Haf Box: “We are thankful to Isetan for having us to be a part of this set-up that we feel, encourages ageing with dignity through the quality products offered. The senior market has always been an under-served segment in retail, so it’s exciting to see this development take place. It is a beautiful space that we have at Parkway Parade, and even if you’re not shopping for anything in particular, it’s great fun to explore what products are available in the market for seniors these days.” The section will be there for the next six months.


Looking for sales promoters

The two organisations are also looking for part-time sales promoters for their sections. If you’re interested to work with The Golden Concepts, e-mail to: or call 8657 1657 for more details. To read more about the company and to be a part of what they are doing, go to: For Haf Box, you can e-mail to: or call 6235 4560.




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