Pain-free treatment for ED

by | June 3, 2014

New shockwave therapy eliminates the need for drugs, invasive surgery or painful treatment.

BY: Eleanor Yap


American Robert Smith (a pseudonym), who is in his late 70s, had complained of poor erection for the last three years. He shared: “It may have come from surgeries as a result of the enlargement of the prostate (with the latest surgery being about three years ago).” The doctor gave him Viagra-type drugs, however, he said: “it did help but not all the time”.

The first EDSWT system, the ED1000, is at Gleneagles Hospital.

Then in March this year, he tried Singapore’s first and only Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDSWT) system at Gleneagles Hospital. “During the first session with the therapy, I saw remarkable improvement. After six sessions, it got better and better; I was really happy with the results.”

He added: “You have better sex with your wife, that is the beauty of it.” Smith has been married for over 25 years and has one child between him and his wife, and three others from a previous marriage. “I would strongly recommend the therapy. For anyone in their 70s onwards, it revitalises the prostate glands!”


Drug- & pain-free

The new EDSWT system, the ED1000, uses ultrasound-like, low-intensity shockwaves to stimulate the creation of new micro-vascular blood vessels. These new vessels increase blood supply to achieve fuller and firmer erections. Unlike other treatments, EDSWT treats the cause of the problem rather than just manage the symptoms. Also, other ED treatments often includes oral or locally-injected medications, vacuum pump or implants, but EDSWT is a drug- and pain-free option and with no side effects.

The therapy is conducted in the clinic as an outpatient procedure (hence the treatment is not covered under Medisave) and it does not require sedation. A typical course of EDSWT consists of the standard six 20-minute sessions done twice a week for three weeks and the total cost of the treatment is S$3,500. According to Dr Peter Lim, medical director of Andrology, Urology & Continence Centre at Gleneagles Hospital, more severe cases may require up to 12 sessions done over nine weeks.

The EDSWT treatment has been successfully completed on eight patients at Gleneagles Hospital with exceptional results and Dr Lim is seeing another 20 new patients. He added that improvements to erectile function have been reported as early as two weeks from the start of the treatment, and noticeable improvements can be seen two months after starting treatment.

Latest studies also show that the effects of EDSWT have lasted over two years without the need for additional treatment or reliance on costly long-term oral and locally-injected medicine. Some patients who have had no success with other ED treatments have reported positive results after undergoing EDSWT.


Common condition

ED is a common condition among men that makes it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. A study done on Singaporean men in 2003 revealed that as many as 19.3 percent of men above age 30 suffer from severe ED. The most prevalent cause of this problem is insufficient blood flow to the penis, sometimes caused by health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.





  1. Stephen Teng

    Ancient Chinese secret cures erectile dysfunction
    February 6, 2013: Dr. William Campbell Douglass II.
    Ginseng for your thing

    All right men — those of you snickering over that last story about muffin top can stop now, because women aren’t the only ones who suffer from the hormonal changes that come with ageing.

    While ladies are being hit above the belt, men suffer below it — because as you age, your testosterone levels plunge.

    And when testosterone levels dip, you can’t get a rise where it counts most.

    Yes … that means “down there”.

    That’s why most male sex problems can be cured by boosting testosterone levels — and you don’t always need a hormone supplement to do the job. There are natural remedies that can actually get your body to produce more testosterone on its own.

    One of them is ginseng. It’s been used in Asia to treat male sex problems for centuries, and in one new study men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction who took it had sex improvements across the board.

    That’s the good news.

    That bad news is that they weren’t huge improvements — but that’s because ginseng alone isn’t always enough. So along with this ancient Chinese secret, be sure to take vitamin E (start with at least 400mg a day) as well as fish oil.

    Finally, don’t forget my secret weapon: Testofen, an extract of ram’s horn clover. In one study, it raised the free testosterone levels of 29 participants who also engaged in a strength-training regimen.

    That’s a much larger increase than the levels seen in men who took a placebo.

    With results like that, you won’t need a penis pill — just a partner who can keep up with you in the bedroom!

  2. Dennis

    How does EDSWT work for those who undergone prostatectomy procedure. Had no effect with PDE5 inhibitors.
    Want to know more.
    Thank you

    • agelessadmin

      Hi, Dennis, thanks for your query, I have since e-mailed the PR company that sent me the press release to then e-mail the doctor. When I get an answer, I will e-mail you directly.

    • agelessadmin

      Hi, Dennis, I got your answer from Dr Peter Lim, the urologist at Gleneagles Medical Centre –

      1) How does EDSWT work for those who have undergone prostatectomy procedure?
      EDSWT revitalises blood supply to the penis by making new blood vessels grow into it. Dr Lim has treated 3 patients post cancer prostatectomy and EDSWT worked for 2 of the patients.

      2) It had no effect with PDE5 inhibitors and wants to know more.
      Nerves or blood vessels may have been damaged after prostate surgery. If nerves are damaged, then PDE5 inhibitors which improve blood supply may not work. A doctor will need to do a Doppler ultrasound study to ascertain the conditions first.

      Hope this helps. If you have any further queries, you can reach out to Dr Lim’s appointment and medical enquiry number which is 6575 7575.


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